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HML Group LLC 

HML Group is a uniquely qualified woman-owned investigation, consulting and advisory group catering to public and private sector clients as well as non-profits.  Our goal is to help solve the issues facing you or your organization whether it’s managing risk, navigating litigation, identifying broken internal processes or providing education and training to your workforce.

Our Services

Our Servuces

We assist our clients and their counsel with all phases of an investigation.  By analyzing data, gathering intelligence, and conducting interviews, we get to the facts.


Our digital forensic investigators and eDiscovery specialists can provide you with a wide variety of services using forensically sound, best practice methodology in acquiring and preserving all key digital evidence.


Our team will conduct a top-down review of public policy and procedures in your county, city or municipality in order to provide you with valuable insight as to how your administration can operate more efficiently and effectively.


Our team will assess your current personal and physical security 

environment and offer collaborative solutions to make your business safer.

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